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Blown fuse? Left in dark? Sparks flying?

24/7 Electrical Emergency Service Contact #: 1 866 210 0293 

Today, we are highly dependent on electricity for almost everything, so when there is a power failure life comes to halt. In commercial and industrial set ups this can be damaging for your productivity, efficiency and bottom line. With same day emergency breakout services you can be assured that the halt in your life won’t last long and your electrical appliances will be up and running fast.

"Quality + Consistency = Value" 


repairs, Service calls, upgrades, MAINTENANCE & construction

Primarily being a Industrial electrical contracting company; we specialize in industrial repairs, maintenance, upgrades & new construction.

Our common line of work includes, but is not limited to;

  • PLC design, install, programming, troubleshooting.
  • 24/7 Service calls.
  • Custom panels to meet your needs. (with CSA approval) 
  • SCR & VFD install, programming, troubleshooting & repairs.
  • Backup generator & generator controls.
  • Electric over hydraulic control. 
  • Electric motor supply and install.
  • Electrical installs in hazardous areas.
  • Drilling rig construction, repairs, troubleshooting.
  • Remote camps install and tear down.
  • Instrumentation.
  • Harsh Environment electronics
  • Electrical & Electronics Engineering.
  • Parts supply, sourcing & delivery. 

Myarc Electric is COR Certified with an incredible of safety record history. We combine our proven methodology and technical expertise with industry knowledge to guide you through every phase of a project. Our knowledge of the industrial industry allows us to effectively and successfully complete your project on time and on budget. Due to our "Labor-Free-Guarantee" you will be able to chose to use Myarc Electric Ltd. with confidence.

"Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference"


We are pleased to announce that we have recently expanded by hiring an Electrical/ Electronics Engineer and adding an Engineering Division to Myarc Electric LTD. Myarc Electric is now your one stop shop for your electrical ideas, bringing them to action.

Our Process is simple; 

1.    Call us to receive a free quote on any Electrical Project you might have.

2.    Work with us to receive licensed prints & designs regulated by APEGA, provided by our in-house Engineering Division.

3.    We will pull an electrical permit to ensure the safety of your project.

4.    Next have our Electrical Division construct the regulated design to CSA standards.

5.    Have us schedule with you an electrical inspector/ CSA approval for a complete finish.


 Professional Engineer experience we can Offer:

  •  1 Electrical/ Electronics Engineer
  • Over 5 year’s of experience in Oil & Gas Electrical/ Electronic Engineering.
  • Provide Designs & Prints regulated by APEGA (Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientist of Alberta)
  • Free quotes on any sized job, large or small.
  • Specializes in these major fields;


 Electronic Engineering

  •  Specializes with Harsh Environment Electronics. (High temperature, high pressure & high vibrations)
  • Designs a sensor logging unit for various applications used for statistical data analysis.

-Temperature, Pressure, Vibration, RPM, ext.

  • PCB (Printed Circuit Board) custom designs, diagnosis, repairs, embedded systems, smart cable designs.

-Industrial circuit boards found on any electronic equipment.
-Commercial PCB’s found in equipment, appliances and electronic tools.

Common Repairs:

  •  VFD’s (Variable Frequency Drives).
  • Catwalk Remote walking systems.
  • Generator Modules.
  • Fire Alarm Panels.
  • Wiring Harness’s.

 Electrical Engineering

Our Electrical Engineer, and Master Electrician work together to provide electrical prints & schematics for Industrial, Commercial and Residential Applications.

PLC’s & Control Systems

  •  Selection and Implementation of new PLC’s. (Programmable Logistic Control System)
  • Modifying & expanding of current PLC systems. (Adding more IO’s [input/outputs]), communications to multi modules, increase control speed.
  • Diagnose & Repair PLC cards.
  • Master Electrician with over 20 years of PLC Programming Experience.
  • Dedicated/ embedded controls with logging capabilities to custom build a control system.

Examples: Run motors, valves, fans, safety sensors, actuators & more.


AC and DC motor speed controls

  •  We can repair drives and circuit boards in house from multiple manufactures to provide you with the required speed control on various motors with different horsepower’s and voltages.


 Cable Manufacturing & Designing

24/7 Emergency Electrician Canada

  • Specializes in Harsh Environment Cable/ Harness Locations.
  • Embedding/ over molding Custom Electronics into cable.

- Engine harness’s
- Filtering Signals such as noise.
- Repair, build & design Wiring Harness’s

*** Coming soon; in house over molding & strain relief capabilities to bring you quicker lead times***



  •   Design prints & battery calculations for Smart Batteries (Logging current & voltage draw’s).
  • Capable of sourcing new batteries & replacement batteries.
  • Diagnostic & repair on battery chargers.

-For all typical battery chemistries.
-Catwalk control batteries.


Instrumentation (Flow, level, temperature, pressure)

Durable and dependable flow, level, temperature and pressure instrumentation products.

Need a custom product for a unique application? Myarc Electric has a large panel shop and a team of learned technicians who can make custom control panels from scratch. We can turn any idea into a reality. We are a leader in Alberta and Western Canada in the field of measurement and control. Our technicians have been providing instrumentation solutions to commercial businesses and industries in Alberta for over 30 years.

We offer a comprehensive range of process equipment for flow, level, temperature and pressure measurement. Whether you need a single instrument or a full instrumentation package, Myarc Electric is your one stop destination for any project. We have long been associated with leading technology and highest industry standards. Customers throughout Western Canada and Alberta have tried and tested our instrumentation solutions in the most severe conditions and continue to benefit from our meticulous yet pragmatic approach to flow, level, temperature and pressure solutions.

[Volt Meter On Circuit Board]

We offer complete instrumentation solutions to meet the challenging requirements of our clients. With the assistance of our proficient team of experts and a passion for the field of instrumentation, we are supplying our instruments to various industries in a committed time period. We have several Process Control Instruments appropriate for indication and control of process parameters like vibration, density moisture, conductivity, level, velocity, flow, temperature and pressure. By using our own knowledge and experience about the various applications, we can provide combinations of instruments to help you meet your needs.

Our rugged products include: controllers, flow meters, transmitters, transducers, thermometers, and thermocouples. Whether it is level measurement sensors for storage tanks, temperature measurement devices for chemical processing, or pressure gauges for oil refining; instruments are vital to prevent failure, maintain quality control and increase safety in a number of industrial applications. Controlling and monitoring processes are essential in engineering offices, in-plant environments, and laboratories.

We follow a meticulous approach for control panel building and have a test bench so we do all our testing in-house. Therefore, you can rest assured of supreme quality products that will work at optimum levels, ensuring best performance and maximum output. You can install our instrumentation systems in a process or system where there may be chances of a change in flow rate, liquid level, temperature, pressure etc. or anywhere you find a necessary data point.

Instrumentation is essential in any industry where flow rates, liquid levels, temperatures, pressures etc. are required to evaluate processes and systems and Myarc Electric can deliver the right type of solutions according to your industry standards and budgetary levels. We take time to understand your business needs, processes and instrumentation requirements to suggest the best solutions. We feel pride in sharing that we have many satisfied and repeat customers and some of the most reputed industries are our clients. We guarantee competitive pricing and ensure durable and dependable solutions that can provide enduring services.

Myarc Electric has very competitive rates and can deliver & install temporary power for every type of application. We will set up, test, disconnect and remove any sized generator and are known to be there "every step of the way". We are available 24×7, even for those untimely power emergencies and will provide a quick response service.

Why Rent Power Equipment?

Economical: Renting a generator is substantially cheaper than purchasing one. A rented generator does not have maintenance or service costs as it is well-maintained and regularly serviced by the rental company.

Flexibility: Generators and equipment can be rented in any size, output and ratings to cater to your specific power requirements and transported to your desired location. Have a big order coming up? Rent a generator to fulfill it, anytime, any place.

Field Services: Rented generators & equipment can be accompanied by trained technicians to manage installation and servicing of the generator on-site. Generator specialists also ensure that all your power supply and distribution needs are suitably taken care of.

Immediate access to power: Never risk losing business due to limited power. Buying a generator last-minute is not feasible as it cannot be delivered immediately. Instead, rent a generator to prevent any mishaps at your work site and ensure smooth completion of business operation. Renting also includes a team of professionals to guide you in determining the right generator for your particular needs as opposed to buying.

Renting a generator is a logical and economical alternative to your power failure dilemma and excess energy demands. Get in touch with us for any queries on operations and cost at 1 866 210 0293 or

Generator And power Rentals 



Over 30 years experience in the commercial industry.

  • Repairs.
  • Troubleshooting.
  •  Service calls.
  • Maintenance.
  • Upgrades.
  • Renovation.
  • New Construction. 
  • Custom Electrical Panel. (with CSA approval)
  • 30 years of Crane experience.
  • Equipment hook-up’s, removals, servicing, repairing, & circuit board trouble shooting.
  • LED Lighting upgrade’s.
  • Government of Alberta Rebates & Incentives.
  • Energy Audits.
  • Generator backup power.
  •  Insurance inspections.
  • Electrical Engineering. (Prints & Schematics for shop, machinery, anything)
  • Electronic Engineering. (Printed Circuit Boards, Sensor Logging Units, Harsh Environments)
  • Parts supply, sourcing & delivery. 
  • Repairs.
  • Troubleshooting.
  •  Service calls.
  • Maintenance.
  • Upgrades.
  • Renovation.
  • New Construction. 
  • Custom Electrical Panel. (with CSA approval)
  • 30 years of Crane experience.
  • Equipment hook-up’s, removals, servicing, repairing, & circuit board trouble shooting.
  • LED Lighting upgrade’s.
  • Government of Alberta Rebates & Incentives.
  • Energy Audits.
  • Generator backup power.
  •  Insurance inspections.
  • Electrical Engineering. (Prints & Schematics for shop, machinery, anything)
  • Electronic Engineering. (Printed Circuit Boards, Sensor Logging Units, Harsh Environments)
  • Parts supply, sourcing & delivery. 

LED Lighting

for Homes & Businesses

The Government of Alberta Energy Efficiency Incentives:

Thinking about making the switch? Our process is simple; 

  1. Schedule a Free Quote. 
    -(This is when our estimator will meet with you to assess & measure the area.)
  2. Instead of guessing, we use a lighting software designed to give you the perfect amount of light.
  3. We will select a couple lighting options based on price & efficiency and allow will you to choose
  4. An ROI (return of investment) will be calculated and presented to you with the finished quote. 
  5. Take your time to think about the provided quote & get it approved, we will keep your quote on file for when the time is right. 
  6. Once you're ready we will schedule a date that works for you (we offer 24/7 service)
  7. Save money by taking advantage of our company owned Man lift.
  8. Feel confident with our 5 year warranty from the date of installation. (Parts & Labour is included in the warranty)


Why Go LED?

Brighter and Energy Efficient

LEDs (light-emitting diodes) are brighter than conventional electrical light sources because they produce a higher lumens/watt. LEDs are not measured in watts but lumens, which are effective for measuring brightness. In incandescent light bulbs, the main function produces heat, and light is a byproduct of that heat (95% heat/5% light). LEDs, however, produce light as their main function and heat is the byproduct (95% light/5% heat). LEDs function on the unique principle of ‘electroluminescence’, where material emits light in response to the passage of a strong electrical current or field. LED bulbs consume less power to give off more light and relatively no heat, making them extremely energy efficient. ENERGY STAR rated LEDs can produce more than 100 lumens per watt.


The biggest illusion of LED systems is that they are not affordable. It is true that the initial cost of setting up an LED system may be daunting because it is not the cheapest lighting solution on the market. The price is due to the cost of the new technology. However, the benefit to you is that your LED lighting solution utilizes power more efficiently, giving you a significantly lower utility bill and it will last longer. A traditional lighting source will experience lumen depreciation after just 1,000 hours, while an LED source offers atleast 50,000 hours (Some of our lights are 100,000 hours)before showing any lumen depreciation. At Myarc Electric Ltd., we understand that sometimes, the home or business owner can’t afford the cost up front, and that is why we have partnered with Financeit. Financeit is a financing solution that provides affordable monthly payments.


You won’t find a better warranty offer in the market. All our LED lighting products have a warranty of 5 years from the date of installation. If an LED fails to work correctly, our team will replace it immediately free of charge including labour.

"Do it once, do it right."


Whether it’s a new build, renovation, upgrade or a quick fix here at Myarc Electric one thing will always come first and that is safety. Technology is constantly changing to become quicker and more efficient, we take pride on being informed, educated and upgraded on what the best option would be for you. To ensure safety we use a COR certified safety program, pull an electrical permit, set up inspections, and can do insurance inspections.

"The cheapest way to do a job is to do it right the first time"

New Construction

 A new building can be exiting, especially when everything goes according to plan. With over 30 years of experience & high electrical code standards we take pride on our neat & tidy work that appeals to you. Thanks to our Electrical Engineering knowledge we will collaborate with you to create a plan that follows code & safety regulations while ensuring that the job gets done quickly and on time. All of our work is protected with 2 years warranty to give you confidence when choosing Myarc Electric Ltd.


Renovation & Additions

We understand your home is your castle and it is our responsibility to leave your home in better condition than when we arrived. Get a free quote, this will help you budget and have a price in mind for when you’re ready to start you project. Our trusted Estimator, James Klein will meet with you to collaborate a plan of action. There is no need to be afraid of old electrical services or aluminum wiring when renovating, we will work with you to find the perfect solution for you & your home.



For Example:  

- Plugs, Switches & Lighting
- LED swap out
- Adding a circuit or a plug (Hot tub, freezer in basement, AC, ect.)
- Electrical Service/ Panel upgrade (60Amp to 100Amp)
- Meter or Mast upgrade Aluminum wiring inspections, fixes or upgrades.


Quick Fixes

Sometimes quick fixes can be left for the Handy-man in your family, however I do not suggest fixing your own electrical.  Every plug, switch & light can be wired differently and without experience you could get hurt or risk your own home. However, no matter what the situation is you can always call and ask for advice or have one of our experienced electricians come and give you a hand.  

We are an honest family run company, and will always ask if you have check your electrical panel breakers before we come to fix something. Working with you and your budget is important to us, and we are available 24/7 for any emergency electrical purposes.

"Real Tradesmen Clean up after themselves."

We are part of numerous Industry Associations