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If you are ever looking for a specific part Myarc can also help you find what you are looking for as we have a wide range of contacts with many suppliers and have a parts purchaser who works full time to find the best prices on any electrical parts & equipment you might be looking for. 

The Government of Alberta Energy Efficiency Incentives:

Thinking about making the switch? Our process is simple; 

1.     Schedule a Free Quote. 
        (This is when our estimator will meet with you to assess & measure the area.)

2.     Instead of guessing, we use a lighting software designed to give you the perfect amount of light.

3.     We will select a couple lighting options based on price & efficiency and allow will you to choose

4.     An ROI (return of investment) will be calculated and presented to you with the finished quote. 

5.     Take your time to think about the provided quote & get it approved, we will keep your quote on file for when the time is right. 

6.     Once you're ready we will schedule a date that works for you (we offer 24/7 service)

7.     Save money by taking advantage of our company owned Man lift.

8.     Feel confident with our 5 year warranty from the date of installation. (Parts & Labour is included in the warranty)


Government of Alberta LED Incentives & Rebates Information

There has been a lot of talk about the Government of Alberta releasing incentives for Individual Businesses, Non-profit Organizations, Institutions, Co-operatives and Residences to upgrade to become more Energy Efficient.

This helps our environment, the world, and most importantly saves you money on Material, Install & Maintenance when upgrading, not to mention the big savings on your Energy, Water and Gas Bills!

On May 23, 2017, our Provincial Government released all the information about the incentives; How to Apply, Who is Eligible, What is covered, Amount of Savings and their Limits. I thought we should help you get the ball rolling by explaining how this can benefit you and/or your company as soon as possible before it’s too late.

·         Alberta has a $ 10, 000, 000 limit on these incentives.
(This money won’t last long!)

·         Each location has a maximum of $ 60,000 that they can claim.
 (If you have more than one location you can claim up to $ 60,000 for each location)

How Myarc Electric Ltd. can help:

Not only do these incentives help you save money but it has also helped our company gain some new customers and business, through this process so far this is what we have found:

·         You can Claim nearly 50% of your quoted electrical invoice (This includes fixtures, bulbs and install costs)

·         You can Claim $ 300 in rebates for Each Class 1 Division 2 LED fixture that we manufacture.

·         You can Claim $ 200 in rebates for Each High Bay LED Fixture. (4' x 2' fixture)

·         You can Claim $ 45 in rebates for Each 165W LED Bulb. (Fixtures are popular in shops and warehouses and currently use 400W Metal Halide Bulbs.)

·         By scheduling a Free Quote with us at Myarc Electric we can speed up this process for you by submitting a Pre- Approval Application.

Those 2 fixtures and bulb examples are most popular from the long list of upgrading rebates Energy Efficiency Alberta offers.