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Air Conditioners and your Power Bill

Air Conditioners and Your Power Bill

Living in Alberta, we know all about the drastic temperature changes the region experiences throughout the year – from a bone-chilling -40 degrees in the dead of winter to a staggering 35 degrees and more in the heart of the summer. Canadians are built to withstand the extremes, but let’s not fool ourselves, sometimes we need a little help, and that’s why air conditioners were invented. An air conditioner is defined as a device that removes heat from the air inside of a building or vehicle, lowering the air temperature.


So how do these systems work?


There are three main parts to an air conditioner: compressor, condenser, and evaporator.  The compressor and condenser are typically located outside of the house, while the evaporator is inside. The compressor builds up pressure and forces the refrigerant towards the condenser as a hot gas. When the refrigerant leaves the condenser, it has cooled significantly and changed from a gas into a liquid. This liquid is then pushed out into the evaporator, where it undergoes one more state change, this time back into a gas. Air conditioners are equipped with fans, which blow this cooled air throughout the house. The warmer air floats back to the compressor to begin the process all over again. This continues until the room reaches the desired temperature.


Now, it’s time to consider the costs of being comfortable during the hot summer months. Along with the substantial upfront cost of the air conditioner, which can run up into the thousands, it uses a significant amount of extra power. According to Dyand Mechanical (June 2015), the most common type of an AC unit in Edmonton, AB is a 2 ton, 17 amp unit. If you ran this unit for six hours per day, the additional monthly power cost would be around $95.00, assuming a 12.7 cents/kwh cost of power. Depending on your lifestyle, only you can make the decision if it is a worthwhile investment.


If you decide to not invest in an air conditioning unit, fans are another great option. If you place them in your window during the night, they will pull the cooler air into the room. You can also darken rooms during the day with blackout blinds and take a cool shower before bed time. All of these will help you to stay cooler during the brutally warm days without the higher costs associated with air conditioners. 

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